Tech Lead (C#/.NET)

Pro posílení našeho vývojářského týmu v Ostravě hledáme team leadera se specializací na C# a .NET platformu.

Popis pracovní pozice

Pozice je ideální pro zkušeného C#/.NET vývojáře, který chce mít slovo při volbě technologií, mentorovat juniornější kolegy a neztratit přitom kontakt s programováním. Nabízíme spolupráci na dlouhodobých projektech, moderní kanceláře v budově Smart Innovation Center v Ostravě, férovou odměnu včetně bonusů a firemních benefitů.

Co požadujeme?

  • Výbornou znalost C#, .NET platformy, OOP
  • Zkušenost s návrhem řešení / architektury
  • Komunikativnost, zodpovědnost, schopnost práce v týmu
  • Ochotu učit se nové věci
  • Angličtinu na komunikativní úrovni

Co je výhodou?

  • Praxe s mentoringem, vedením týmu
  • Znalost principů CI/CD a práce s DevOps
  • Zkušenosti s frameworkem Blazor
  • Orientace v metodě SCRUM

What do we offer?

We're a company with very friendly atmosphere and minimum of bureaucracy. If there's anything you don't like on us, you can always change it. None of your ideas to improve will be dismissed.

No open space, ergonomical offices separated flexibly for the projects and teams.
We use cutting edge technologies and agile project management.
Offices in Frýdek-Místek, Ostrava but also in Prague and Brno.
Flexible working hours, homeoffice a various forms of part-time cooperation possible.
All our colleagues can be in touch with the world class .NET experts by participating in the Update Conference events.
Friendly relationships and a lot of fun during free time activities.

Your possible future projects

If you join us, you'll be able to participate in interesting projects for our important clients who are often the leaders in their areas.

London Theatre Direct

The UK leader in the ticketing industry, mostly but not exclusively focusing on London theatres. A software platforfm concentrating on B2B, B2C ticket sale as well as reservation, distribution, printing and reselling tickets.

Their software and hardware technologies are key to their business success.

Technologické centrum

The company is one of the Czech leaders in the plate manufacturing and welding assemblies industry.

In cooperation with them we're designing and implementing an ERP solution, migrating the data from the previously used systems. We provide support, project management and new features suggestions as part of the cooperation.


Although Internet of Things (IoT) is a relatively new industry, it is possible to create very meaningful projects and solutions.

At ITIXO, we like to play with every new technology and discover new possibilities for expanding or improving our own and client projects.


Specialist in precision cutting and processing of material with laser or water stream.

The ERP solution for streamlining production with regard to minimizing material residues is developed and constantly being improved with the client. We are also gradually adding new modules to the system.

Projects in cooperation with our partners

Thanks to our connection to strong partners, you'll be able to participate not only in projects built directly by us.

It's possible to work on projects for interesting Czech or internetional clients in various areas. You can therefore always find a project that suits you best so that you enjoy your work as much as possible.

Technologies for your project

We use a diverse set of technologies on our projects. If you're familiar with any of them, we're the right address for you!

ASP.NET Core API .NET 6 .NET Core Razor Pages EF Core Azure Service Bus Azure App Service Azure Functions Azure DevOps Blazor DotVVM React.js RxJS Vue.js Angular Kotlin Tailwind CSS MSSQL Redis Elasticsearch MariaDB

The company atmosphere

It's hard to describe the spirit of the team but shortly, at work or not, we love having fun!

Got interested? Get in touch!

We will be glad if you visit us in our offices to discuss possible cooperation. We treat everyone individually - we will be more than happy to meet you in person.

Email to [email protected]